New York Times 'Room for Debate' – Religious Freedom, 22 December 2011

From The New York Times Opinion pages' Room for Debate, a discussion by American religious freedom experts on the topic "Is America's Religious Freedom Under Threat?" 

Tim Shah and Tom Farr  
    Religion in the Public Square.

Michael McConnell  
    Falling short of our ideals.

Rajdeep Singh  
    Liberty is elusive for Sikh Americans.

Noah Feldman 
    As American as religious persecution.

Salam Al-Marayati 
    A campaign against patriotic Muslims.

Helen M. Alvaré 
    Human rights vs. religious freedom?

Hamza Yusuf   
    Federal law, at least, is on our side.

Winnifred Fallers Sullivan  
    A risk even for the majority.