Debate over Obama's Decision to Stop Support for Defense of Marriage Act

24 September 2011.  Catholics warn of "national conflict" over gay marriage. (David Gibson, Religion News Service)

19 July 2011.  Obama backs bill to repeal Defense of Marriage Act.  (David Nakamura, The Washington Post)

February - April 2011

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Wednesday, 23 February 2011, that the U.S. Justice Department will no longer defend the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal law banning recognition of same-sex marriage. The announcement has evoked considerable comment because of constitutional, human rights, and religious freedom issues involved. This blurb tracks some comments and opinions reported in the press. Please click the date to review the article or comment.

27 April 2011. Deserting the defense of DOMA. (Joseph Knippenberg, First Things)

25 April 2011. Firm defending Defense of Marriage Act withdraws from case; attorney Paul Clement will resign and defend Act as partner at another firm. (Sandhya Somashekhar, The Washington Post)

19 April 2011. House sets $500,000 cap for DOMA laywer. (Felicia Sonmez, The Washington Post)

18 April 2011. GOP hires ex-solicitor general to defend federal same-sex marriage ban. (Sandhya Somashekhar, The Washington Post)

4 March 2011.  Boehner launches effort to defend gay marriage ban.  (Laurie Kellman, Associated Press)

1 March 2011. The DOMA Decision: Obama’s action was not unprecedented, but it was still nothing less than bold. (Walter Dellinger, The New Republic)  

1 March 2011. Defending DOMA. (Lynn Wardle, The Salt Lake Tribune)

1 March 2011.  Is DOMA really dead? (Brian Fraga, National Catholic Register)

28 February 2011.  Justice, marriage and religious liberty.  (MercatorNet Blog Culture & Politics, Faith & Reason, Sheila Liaugminas)

28 February 2011.  Obama's unreasonable abandonment of DOMA. (Public Discourse [The Witherspoon Institute], Gerard V. Bradley)

27 December 2011.   President Obama's DOMA outrage will backfire.  (National Catholic Register, Maggie Gallagher)

27 February 2011.  Obama and DOMA. (The Christian Post, Chuck Colson)

25 February 2011.  It's time to fight: Alliance Defense Fund speaks out on USDOJ refusal to protect law. (ADF, Alan Sears)

25 February 2011.  Conservative Christian lawyers willing to take up fight for DOMA. (The Huffington Post, Adelle M. Banks)

25 February 2011.  Obama makes dangerous step to oust religious liberty. (The Manhattan, Billy Atwell)

25 February 2011.  Marriage law loses Obama support.  (The Australian, Brad Norrington)

25 February 2011.  Gay marriage move splits Congress.  (The Sydney Morning Herald, Simon Mann)

24 February 2011. Obama decision on marriage law raises questions of religious liberty, future of marriage. (Catholic News Agency, Kevin J. Jones [with comments by Robert George])

24 February 2011.  Religious outcry swift after Obama's DOMA rejection. (The Deseret News, Sarah Israelsen-Hartley)

24 February 2011.  Obama makes split from Defense of Marriage Law (Bloomberg Businessweek, Ann Woolner)

24 February 2011.  Obama's marriage decision. (The Atlantic, Andrew Sullivan)

24 February 2011.  Analysis:  Obama shifts stance on gay marriage.  (NPR, The Associated Press) 

24 February 2011.  Gay marriage policy change: Questions and answers. (Bloomberg, Mark Sherman)

24 February 2011.  Critics call Obama DOMA decision an executive power grab.  (ABC News, Devin Dwyer)

24 February 2011.  Obama, gay marriage, the constitution and the Crackerjack prize. (The blog, Michael Tomasky)

24 February 2011. U.S. reversal on gay unions won't affect married couples for now.  (The Washington Post, Jerry Markon)

24 February 2011.  Obama, DOMA, and States' Rights.  (The New Yorker blog, Margaret Talbot)

24 February 2011.  Obama thinks this is unconstitutional?  (Baltimore Sun, Richard L. Lelonek)

24 February 2011.  Gay marriage decision: a blow to the enemies of equality.  (The Guardian, Fred Karger)

24 February 2011.  House Democrats try to repeal anti-gay marriage law.  (USA Today, Catalina Camia)

24 February 2011.  Gay marriage and Obama's end run around democracy.  (The Washingon Post, Brian Brown)

24 February 2011.  Reversal on gay marriage.  (The Wall Street Journal, Evan Perez)

24 February 2011.  Calling Obama's bluff on marriage.  (The Huffington Post blog, Joe Mirabella)

24 February 2011.  Obama decision on Marriage Act has 2012 implications.  (The New York Times Politics and Government blog, Michael D. Shear)

24 February 2011.  Gay marriage advances: Overdue justice or moral chaos?  (USA Today Faith & Reason, Cathy Lynn Grossman)

23 February 2011.  New York pols respond to Obama's DOMA decision.  (Capitol Confidential, Casey Seiler)

23 February 2011.  Editorial: Regrettable decision on Defense of Marriage Act. (Deseret News)

23 February 2011. President Obama's risky rejection of the Defense of Marriage Act. (The Washington Post editorial)

23 February 2011.  Bishops decry president's refusal to support Defense of Marriage Act. (National Catholic Reporter, Dennis Coday)

23 February 2011. In shift, U.S. says marriage act blocks gay rights.  (New York Times, Charlie Savage and Sheryl Gay Stolberg) [As reported in]